This is a Hobby Site, Folks

Granted, there may come a time (and it may not be far off) when I slap an ad for an underperforming print-on-demand shop up in the sidebar, but this site is primarily a hobby for me. I enjoy writing. I enjoy taking pictures and drawing things. I enjoy building–and, sometimes, breaking–sites. I’m just a grown-up version of the kid who enjoyed making fake, hand-drawn, hand-written magazines with the kid next door… but with much better, much more public tools.

Beyond putting my URL on my social media profile, sharing post links with my wife, and occasionally sharing them on Twitter, I don’t want to promote this site. I actually get a bit squicked out when I realize that other people have looked at it, so I’m certainly not your target market for paid promotion.

I’m also not your target market for design services, paid or otherwise. Go back to that bit where I like drawing things. My tools have graduated from a no. 2 pencil on lined notebook paper to an Apple Pencil in Affinity Designer, and–even if my skills aren’t up to snuff–I also enjoy the learning process.

(If you want to teach me about designing my site, we may have something to talk about!)

Seriously, though, does anyone out there think I’m willing to pay for promotion or design services just so I can reach as many people as possible with photos of my new shoes and random public art? No? How about bad poetry, simple drawings, personal writings, and waxing nostalgic about baseball?

Still no go? Then we’re on the same page.

Your calls and email are fruitless.

And your targeting needs an overhaul.

Author: Sharonda Woodfin

Lives, cooks, studies, draws, reads and writes in Anaheim, California, with her remarkably patient wife and one tiny dog. Backs blue. #AsOne

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