A Shout Out to Rosa M. and Brea’s Art in Public Places

The things you see on the way to the vet…
at least when your vet’s in Brea:

I don’t know who Rosa M. is, but I love her art on display in this bus shelter near the intersection of State College and Birch in Brea, CA!

For more info, visit the Brea Museum & Historical Society’s page on Brea’s Art in Public Places

Miles for Marge

Hands. Me and Mom, 2012. Photo and editing by Linda A. Mah. Used with permission.

Last night, Linda and I signed up for Alzheimer’s Orange County1’s next walk at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. The 2018 Walk4ALZ Orange County event2 takes place on November 10th, and we’ve decided to get a head start on this year’s fundraising.

With that in mind, I’ve purchased a new domain—MilesForMarge.com—which I’ve redirected toward our walk team’s page. I’ve done this to give the page a URL that is easy to both spell and remember, primarily for people whom I talk to in real space, but who prefer to donate via internet.

When the walk is over, and/or the team page is taken down, MilesForMarge.com will then be redirected to the “Miles for Marge” category at Samusumi.com—at least until we participate in another Alzheimer’s walk, at which point the domain will resume its original purpose.

I hope to blog periodically about the lead-up to the Angel Stadium walk, ALZOC, and my own experience as a daughter of a person who struggled with dementia, right up until the walk actually happens. And I hope to cap that series of posts off with a report on this year’s successful fundraising and wildly awesome turnout!

If you’re in or around Orange County, California, and would like to come walk with Linda, me, and our adorable, 15-year-old Maltese (who will likely ignore you), click here. If you’d like to donate to our fundraising effort, click the same link.

Easy-peasy, no?



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