This is a Hobby Site, Folks

Granted, there may come a time (and it may not be far off) when I slap an ad for an underperforming print-on-demand shop up in the sidebar, but this site is primarily a hobby for me. I enjoy writing. I enjoy taking pictures and drawing things. I enjoy building–and, sometimes, breaking–sites. I’m just a grown-up version of the kid who enjoyed making fake, hand-drawn, hand-written magazines with the kid next door… but with much better, much more public tools.

Beyond putting my URL on my social media profile, sharing post links with my wife, and occasionally sharing them on Twitter, I don’t want to promote this site. I actually get a bit squicked out when I realize that other people have looked at it, so I’m certainly not your target market for paid promotion.

I’m also not your target market for design services, paid or otherwise. Go back to that bit where I like drawing things. My tools have graduated from a no. 2 pencil on lined notebook paper to an Apple Pencil in Affinity Designer, and–even if my skills aren’t up to snuff–I also enjoy the learning process.

(If you want to teach me about designing my site, we may have something to talk about!)

Seriously, though, does anyone out there think I’m willing to pay for promotion or design services just so I can reach as many people as possible with photos of my new shoes and random public art? No? How about bad poetry, simple drawings, personal writings, and waxing nostalgic about baseball?

Still no go? Then we’re on the same page.

Your calls and email are fruitless.

And your targeting needs an overhaul.

A Little Love for adidas

adidas Alphabounce EM in core black/running white/utility black.
Desktop octopus not included.

This is my sixth pair of adidas Alphabounce, and the pair I will probably wear for jury duty next month.

Samusumi isn’t on the verge of becoming a shoe blog, but the Alphabounce line is the only shoe line I’ve found in recent years that doesn’t cause problems for my feet.

After years of shoe changes and orthotics, Alphabounce even allowed me to forget my plantar fasciitis!

Thanks adidas! Much <3!

A Shout Out to Rosa M. and Brea’s Art in Public Places

The things you see on the way to the vet…
at least when your vet’s in Brea:

I don’t know who Rosa M. is, but I love her art on display in this bus shelter near the intersection of State College and Birch in Brea, CA!

For more info, visit the Brea Museum & Historical Society’s page on Brea’s Art in Public Places

I Have Hashimoto’s

My doctor(s) and I have been at odds for years—since early 2016—regarding my hypothyroid state and whether or not it should be treated. If you’re accustomed to searching the internet for thyroid-related information, you probably expect this to be a post about how my thyroid hormone levels are in the “normal” range, but that I still have symptoms, and how I think I should be taking—or upping my dose of—generic levothyroxine or Synthroid specifically or natural dessicated thyroid.

If so, your expectations are wrong.

I’m asymptomatic for hypothyroidism; my thyroid hormone levels aren’t horrible, but my free T4 and TSH levels aren’t normal, either; I’m afraid to take levothyroxine again, due to past experience (which actually was horrible); I don’t see the benefit of taking it, given my heart rate and energy levels; and my doctors want me to take it, anyway

I finally saw an endocrinologist for the first time—no mean feat, given that I was diagnosed with diabetes way back in 2004—a few months ago. I was in a big way of complaining—half-way to panic, because the whole arguing-with-people-who-know-more-than-I-do shtick is stressful as hell—about how I don’t even know if have Hashimoto’s or some other root cause, when the endo apologized.

She thought I’d been tested for Hashimoto’s before I was referred to her.

Well, now I have.

I went for a blood draw on the 7th of this month, and the results showed up in my online chart the same day.

My anti-TPO antibody level was 687 IU/mL, with a reference range of <9.

You may think that’s a bad thing, but you’d be wrong about that, too.

Sure, not having Hashimoto’s disease is preferable to having Hashimoto’s disease. But being hypothyroid with atypical presentation while not knowing what’s causing it is worse than being hypothyroid with atypical presentation and having the explanatory data.

Knowledge is power, y’all.

And, in this case, it’s peace of mind.

Ask questions when you’re uncertain.

And keep asking until you get answers.